High-Tech Surveillance Success - Correctional News

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Hanwha Techwin reinforced its leadership position as a global supplier of intelligent video solutions at GSX 2022, which took place September 12th -14th at the World Congress Center in Atlanta. Photo Credit: Hanwha Techwin America

To get a pulse of some of the current waves and top new resources in correctional video surveillance, we touched base with Hanwha Techwin America, tapping the mind of correctional expert Rick Holmes and getting up to speed with some of the company’s newest high-tech offerings. Camera Interface Board

High-Tech Surveillance Success - Correctional News

Q&A with Rick Holmes, Leader, Corrections Solutions & Strategy, with Hanwha Techwin America

What are some of the key trends with video surveillance technology and how is Hanwha Techwin integrating them into their products and approach?

Our customers are continuing to adapt to the changing landscapes in security and surveillance and they require specific capabilities: highly accurate object detection, targeted area monitoring, intuitive user functions, and stronger cybersecurity. Specific to corrections, we offer solutions that prevent device tampering, are compact and vandal-resistant with anti-ligature designs and can be discreetly mounted for effective monitoring of narrow areas including elevators, corridors, etc.

What guidance would you give to a facility seeking to upgrade its video surveillance aspects?

The top priority is ensuring that you are procuring your video surveillance needs from a quality manufacturer. Too often, facilities tend to narrowly focus on the initial investment of a system. There are many pitfalls to using inexpensive video surveillance equipment. Pay attention to aspects such as NDAA compliance, cybersecurity practices and if the company owns the entire process for their products.

Is there a common misstep facilities make with enhancing or integrating surveillance technology?

One of the most common mistakes that facilities make is overpaying for features that you never use. Many systems burden owners with hidden reoccurring annual costs and add-on licensing fees. At the end of the day, a correctional facility wants quality, secure video that is easily retrieved.

What do you think is the most important feature of the new Wisenet WAVE 5.0 VMS software? 

Hanwha’s version 5.0 expands the platform’s focus on cybersecurity, system usability, convenience and interactivity, giving users a surveillance foundation for today and for the future. Some new features of Wisenet WAVE 5.0 VMS includes advanced object search, metadata-driven archive backup, web page proxy via servers, two-factor authentication (2FA), resource grouping, audio mapping, desktop client automatic updates, encrypted archives, video preview thumbnails, more secured connections

Do you see anything new and interesting on the horizon for Hanwha Techwin and/or video surveillance in general?

We will see continued demand for new applications of AI and Deep Learning technology, cloud-based recording and storage, deeper uses of A/V analytics to deliver actionable business insights. There’s also a clear direction toward all-in-one devices that combine several capabilities and solutions that allow more intuitive user control.

Hanwha Techwin reinforced its leadership position as a global supplier of intelligent video solutions at GSX 2022, which took place September 12th -14th at the World Congress Center in Atlanta.

Hanwha Techwin unveiled a range of products that support Deep Learning technology as well as enhancements to existing solutions. New and innovative products included the Wisenet EDGE camera, which combines a Wisenet WAVE server and up to 2TB SSD on-board storage; and an IR PTRZ camera where the IR is separated from the lens assembly allowing users to remotely control PTRZ functions. Also on display was the latest Wisenet WAVE platform enhancements and specialty solutions across multiple vertical markets.

The new technologies are the latest examples of Hanwha’s total commitment to supporting the security and surveillance industries and meeting customers’ changing needs.

“The security and surveillance landscapes have evolved from only a few years ago,” said Mr. C.H. Ha, President at Hanwha Techwin America. “We developed our newest technologies in response to customers’ changing requirements for specific capabilities: accurate object detection, targeted area monitoring, intuitive user functions, and more. Our GSX booth will highlight this customer-focused product approach, providing attendees with a clear sense of our future direction and dedication to providing ongoing training, education, and support.”

The Hanwha Techwin products introduced at GSX included:

Hanwha Techwin’s new Wisenet EDGE technology solution combines a dome camera, Wisenet WAVE Server, and on-board recording capabilities into one intelligent device. The new technology is ideal for security environments suited for a serverless system with minimal external hardware. Wisenet EDGE is available with either 1 TB or 2 TB of on-board Solid State Drive (SSD) storage, with a flexible architecture that allows users to record multiple additional cameras to one Wisenet EDGE camera acting as a system’s server.

Wisenet EDGE systems can be easily merged, expanding beyond single-camera installations to create multi-site systems connecting dozens of cameras.

This newest iteration of Hanwha’s previous 9MP panoramic fisheye models now adds AI capabilities based on Deep Learning to filter out irrelevant motion and environmental noise to extract and classify only specific objects: vehicle, people, faces or license plates. After an object is classified, it can be used to reduce false alarms through the use of intelligent video analytics (e.g., line crossing, appearing/disappearing etc.)

Hanwha Techwin is updating its line of modular pan-tilt-rotate-zoom (PTRZ) cameras with infrared (IR) capabilities for targeted directional monitoring and enhanced capture in extreme low-light conditions. AI capabilities based on Deep Learning filter out irrelevant motion and environmental noise to extract and classify only specific objects: vehicle, people, faces or license plates.

Hanwha Techwin is broadening the capabilities of its previous dual-head thermal imaging models used primarily for indoor electronic body temperature monitoring to new outdoor applications, specifically transportation and traffic monitoring.

The new cameras include both visible and thermal sensors. The thermal imager resolution is increased to VGA, with varifocal lenses for the 8MP visible sensor. The use of a thermal imager enables 24/7 monitoring even in no light or challenging conditions, such as nighttime, fog or extreme weather. Users can set pre-defined rules for traffic situations, including vehicle speed and the time it takes to travel a specific distance. The camera can also detect stopped vehicles or slow traffic, length of a vehicle’s stop and also perform vehicle counting by classification (car bus, truck, motorcycle, bicycle) Results can be easily exported for reports or analysis.

Hanwha Techwin’s latest version of its video management system expands the platform’s focus on two-factor authentication, enhances the UI for advanced object search, enabling the user to encrypt the database, audio source mapping, and adds event backup options.

WiseDetector extends the capabilities of Hanwha’s Wisenet P series AI to detect user’s specific objects. WiseDetector is trained by using the Device Manager to collect images of the target object and train the Machine Learning model on the new object. When the WiseDetector is uploaded, it can use the existing video analytics on the camera to trigger live events.

Hanwha Techwin will also showcased a panoramic AI multi-sensor, wall- and ceiling-mount speakers (horn and mounted), IP audio modules, servers and IP microphones.

Hanwha Techwin America is a subsidiary of Hanwha Corporation, a South Korea based company. Hanwha Techwin is a leading global supplier of intelligent video surveillance solutions. Building on the company’s history of innovation, Hanwha Techwin America is dedicated to providing solutions with the highest levels of performance, reliability and cost-efficiency for professional security applications.

High-Tech Surveillance Success - Correctional News

PTZ Camera Editor’s Note: This feature first appeared in the Sep/Oct issue of Correctional News.